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Stay away from Britain if you're afraid of uggos. According to a dating website called, the British are some of the ugliest people in the world. Scandinavians, on the other hand, are some of the most attractive. From the Reuters news article:

Photo from user Ayla87
Fewer than one in eight British men and just three in 20 women who have applied to have been accepted, an emailed statement from the website showed.
Swedish men have proved the most successful, with 65 percent being accepted, while Norwegian women are considered the most beautiful with 76 percent accepted, the website said.
I wrote a similar news article back in 2004 without any concrete sources and entirely based on anecdotal experience from studying abroad in Spain and traveling around Europe. However, my conclusion was as follows:
German chicks are cute. British chicks are attractive. Italian chicks are hot. Spanish chicks are hotter. Swedish chicks are hottest. And Scottish chicks are downright ugly.
Based on this information, one of two conclusions can be drawn.
     A. I must have seen a disproportionate number of attractive British women during my brief passes through.
     B. British women has devolved and become less attractive in the last 5 years.

I'm not sure which would be sadder. If 'A' is accurate, then British women have always been unattractive and I just got lucky with the visuals. However, 'B' does not bode well for the future, because we can reasonably assume that they will continue to become less attractive over time, as illustrated in the graph below:

In conclusion, it's not a good time to be British.
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    Now to combine the finest Scandanavia has to offer with the ugliest Asian can provide (me) to produce offspring the world the likes of which the world has not seen.

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