Christmastime just keeps getting better

A couple years ago, doing a search for Christmas music on KaZaA (who remembers that?) when I came across this gem:
Christmastime in the LBC

Who wouldn't love a song with a lyric like "You like this package, ho? I wrapped it nice with a bow." BONUS: Just found out you can download it free from Jimmy Kimmel's website: (I know it's a zip file but I downloaded and checked it, it's legit.)

Last year, one of my favorite bands, The Dan Band, put out the best video featuring Florence Henderson I've seen since the Brady Bunch came out on DVD:

I've seen them live in LA a few times, so if anyone has a chance, you should definitely check them out. Then just today I got an e-mail update from them with another glorious Christmas video, this time featuring a whole cast of stars like Doogie Howser / Barney Stinson / Neil Patrick Harris, Meg Ryan, Faizon Love (Dr. Turk from "Scrubs"), etc.

Please Don't Bomb Nobody This Holiday. (Sorry, I couldn't get it to embed.)

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.
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