Update: Just realized the comics were too big and getting cut off on the page. I shrank them down, but if they're too small, just click on them and you can see them on their original site in the original size.

There are a lot of great things I miss about living in the US, but one thing I don't have to miss--thanks to the Internet--is my favorite comics. Comics.com just redesigned their site and made it awesome in that you can register, check all your favorite comics, and then get a daily e-mail with those specific comics for the day.

Here's an assortment of some of the greats:

F Minus, by Tony Carillo

F Minus

Pearls Before Swine, by Stephan Pastis (my absolute favorite)
Pearls Before Swine

Get Fuzzy, by Darby Conley
Get Fuzzy

Of course, Dilbert isn't on comics.com, it's on dilbert.com, which itself is an excellent site with an extensive set of options for the comic lover. Here's a good one from the other day:

Dilbert, by Scott Adams

One of my favorites growing up was Foxtrot, which just switched from daily to Sunday-only. It makes me sad, but they're still quite good every week. Click here for one of my recent favorites (it's on a different site that won't let me embed it here).

Lastly, a great independent comic called Amazing Super Powers from some friends from college comes out every Monday and Thursday. Here's a great one from a couple weeks back. (Warning: it can be a little graphic in nature.)

Anybody have recommendations for my sick sense of humor? Post them in the comments.
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