Obituary: The best pair of sunglasses I ever had

Summer 2007 - Fall 2008
Requiescat in Pace

FAKE AVIATOR SUNGLASSES - Died Saturday, November 1 on a train ride from Ulm, Germany to their home in Meersburg, Germany. Cause of death is unknown, though it's suspected that their owner, Mark J. Lehman, sat on them while in his coat pocket. They were approximately 1 and 1/2 years old at time of death.

Birthplace is unknown, but they always considered their birthplace to be Venice Beach, CA, where they first met their only true friend and owner, Mark. It was a summer afternoon in August, and Mark saw them at a booth on the Venice Beach promenade being sold for $7. He immediately fell in love with them, and they with him, and from that day on, the two entities became inseparable.

Sunglasses grew up and spent their formative years in Los Angeles, traveling all over the world to places such as Florida, Thailand, and even the top of Mt. Whitney. Only a couple months ago, when their owner decided to move to Germany, they followed him out there. It's thought that the cold, damp weather of southern Germany didn't agree with them, but we'll never know for sure. They continued to provide all that Mark needed, and he was grateful for them every day.

Sunglasses are survived by their true friend, Mark J. Lehman. They also have a brother still living in Venice with their brother's owner, Daniel Lehman. Daniel's Sunglasses are in bad shape, though, and close to death themselves.

Services were held Sunday, November 2, at Fake Aviator Sunglasses' home in Meersburg, Germany. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Mark J. Lehman and the Buy Me A New Pair of Fake Aviator Sunglasses Fund.
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