A Journey to the Center of Europe - Day 5

Ellen and I took a trip to Austria and Slovakia for a week. For previous days: Day 1. Day 2. Day 3. Day 4.

Day 5

We had spent so much time playing with the animals at the zoo the day before, we missed the actual Schonbrunn palace, so we headed back there early Thursday morning and took the Imperial 35-minute tour. I immediately realized that the palace was once the home of the man with the best facial hair ever in the world. And I don’t mean me.

It was a little difficult to focus on just how ridiculous his ’stache was, though, because we were surrounded by annoying tourists. It was kind of fun being able to point out where everyone was from, though, and that’s without hearing languages. Americans would be the folks with the all-white shoes and the shorts, Spaniards would be the ones that pushed right past us wherever they were going, and the Asian folks would be the ones without any “inside voices,” shouting to each across the huge halls.

When our 35-minute tour was finished, we caught the train out to a town an hour and a half outside Vienna called Amstetten to visit a friend from LMU, David. The train ride cost much more than it should have to go to such a boring place, no offense to any Amstetteners out there. We grabbed lunch at a fancy town bar, walked around for a bit, and managed to get slightly lost despite how small the town was.

Before we left, David wanted us to try something called Most, which is basically local-made cider. We found a place called Most & Kost, which sounds more like a kind of Costco for Dr. Seuss fans. An hour or so later, we were back on the train to Vienna, sipping Most and ready for some food. David had a Fulbright get-together in Vienna for the Austrian Fulbright recipients, so we parted ways and grabbed some Chinese food at Happy Chinese, a welcome change from sausage and schnitzel, then we of course got some ice cream at our new favorite place for dessert, and turned in for the evening to look up things to do on Halloween in Vienna.
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