I'm just too sensational, I suppose

I wrote a post all about our travels through Austria (in fact, I wrote several posts), and one of them included a video I had uploaded to youtube. The video was a little half a minute thing showing a mother lioness walking up to the plexiglass and growling at the crowd, and it seemed like it was growling at a little girl in a stroller.

So, I of course tried to be as sensational as possible and titled it "Lioness tries to attack little girl at zoo." Turns out, that sort of thing gets noticed, since it's gotten several comments and a couple thousand views from people I don't even know. And to top it all off, the video found itself on a seemingly reputable news site, examiner.com, as well as two other video sites, one of them foreign.

In case you forgot which video I'm talking about, here it is:

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