Heartless capitalism on the Bodensee

I’ve found it!

It’s like I’ve struck gold.

I challenged Ellen to our first game of Monopoly auf Deutsch, and it was a doozy. It started in the usual manner, each of us picking up properties here and there. She got off to an early lead by grabbing the browns—Badstrasse and Turmstrasse, a.k.a. Mediterranean and Baltic, what I like to affectionately call “the weaksauce monopoly.” Luckily, I was able to obtain the yellows with a clutch role to nab Geothe Strasse (Marvin Gardens). A couple Frei Parkens later and I was loaded with cash, erecting buildings like I’m Mad King Ludwig. The game ended about 30 turns later, but Ellen was never really in it. She did manage to stave off the inevitable when I landed on Neustrasse (Virginia) with two houses, but at that point it was like giving a dollar to a hobo—you know it’s not gonna turn his life around, but you hope it helps him afford some booze to warm his bones through the cold of night.

I tried to keep the gloating to a minimum, but even so, due to such a crushing blow, I doubt she’ll be playing with me again anytime soon. I may just have to wait until I see my Monopoly nemesis again.
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