Dogfights and hotties in Konstanz

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A week back, we took a Saturday trip across the sea to Konstanz, a town that sits half in Germany and half in Switzerland. Since we didn’t have our passports, we stayed on the German side and tried not to stray too far into uncharted territory to avoid encountering any jesters, i.e. Swiss guard.

It is a nice place, has a cool little downtown area with a very old town feel to it, and is generally your standard medium-sized German city. However, two things stood out.
  1. There were dogs everywhere. Everywhere. On the streets, on the bus, in the shopping mall, inside the stores... I wasn’t aware dogs needed designer clothing until we saw one in H&M. In a McDonald’s, we even got to witness a small dogfight. (Small as in short in duration, but also involving tiny dogs.)
  2.  I saw the first cute German girls I’ve seen since arriving in Germany. It’s possible that is because we were so close to Switzerland, so the cute ones were actually Swiss. That’s not to say no Germans are attractive, I just hadn’t met any yet in the month that I’ve been here.
Needless to say, these observations, as well as Christ's jewelry store, were somewhat off putting.
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