BREAKING NEWS: There's no business like SNOW business

Not only did Mother Nature come through in a big old way, but she was premature compared to my expectation. All week I had been anticipating snow this weekend, only to check the weather report today and see for tomorrow: "Chance of Snow." Chance? What the hell's up with that? Still, I held onto my beliefs.

"It will snow."

Just as Ellen was getting ready to go to bed, I checked outside, fully expecting it to be just rainy and cold, and lo and behold, the unthinkable:

Here, in pictorial detail, is the chain of events that followed:

I shall call him Samuel. Samuel the Snowman.

Snow angels, snow forts, snowball fights and (if I'm not too dehydrated from running around) yellow snow are all coming up tomorrow.
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    Mark is HAPPY now! He loves playing in the snow. Have fun!

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