Bone-In tortellini on a lazy Sunday afternoon

We got back from our trip to Vienna and Bratislava (details forthcoming) late last night, and because everything in Meersburg is closed on Sunday, we've been scrounging for food. Last night it was canned lentil soup, and this afternoon we cooked a package of ham tortellini. As I was in mid-bowl, enjoying my cheese-covered tortellini, I said proudly, "You know, I've never met tortellini I didn't like." Seconds later, as I bit into a tortellino, I heard and felt a deeply disturbing crunching sound. "Gaahhh!" I exclaimed dramatically. I reached into my mouth, fished around for a moment, and pulled out the culprit.

A bone!

I'd never encountered such a thing before, and it immediately invalidated my previous statement. As much as I dislike being proved wrong, I've come to find that I dislike bone-in tortellini even more.

(Since you know how I enjoy writing angry letters, I would write an angry letter to Gut and Guenstig, the makers of this tortellini, but I couldn't find their website, and I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be able to properly express my displeasure in German. Oh well.)
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