Monkey Mountain, hier komme ich!

Ellen told me the very first day I was here about a place she had heard about very nearby called Affenberg, which literally translated means Monkey Mountain. Since monkeys are basically the most awesome animal alive (right behind turtles, naturally... they’re just so wise), we made it a priority.

Riding the party train.

After September, all of the small tourist towns around here start systematically closing down for winter, so the bus that would take us both very cheaply from Meersburg directly to Affenberg had stopped running. Thus, we managed the two different buses to go 20 minutes total, and the 4 km walk from the bus stop to the Affenberg park, and about 20 bucks and an hour and a half later, we’re inside the monkey bin, looking for popcorn and learning the mating calls. Sadly, though I thought we would be allowed to play with the Barbary Macaques, we were only allowed to feed them popcorn. I grabbed a handful, held it out to the first monkey I saw, and he grabbed all of it and stuffed his entire handful in his mouth, spilling the rest out of my hand in the process. Fat bastard. I tried to pick up the pieces that dropped, but when he got into attack stance, I conceded the lost popcorn and moved on.

Brother from another mother.

We met new friends of all shapes and sizes on our nature walk through Monkey Mountain, and one of the smaller ones even tried to spoon me from the back when I wasn’t looking. I guess he wanted a little more than just popcorn. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves as far as the rest of the fur balls. On the way out, getting rid of the last of my popcorn, I offered it to an elderly looking monkey who had seen a few too many winters. He sneezed, as if to say “danke schon,” and I replied politely “gesundheit.”

More pictures of the day can be found by clicking the following picture:
Affenberg Salem, Germany

And now, for a short video presentation.
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