German Stereotypes and the Hilarity that Ensues

Ellen had a discussion with some of her kids about stereotypes and how one German stereotype is that Germans don’t have a sense of humor. So she challenged them to tell her a joke. Here are the results:
  1. The ball rolls down the stairs, and then falls down.
  2. Two cows are sitting in a tree, sewing atom bombs. A green pig flies by, and one cow turns to the other and says, “I guess that’s just the way things go.”
  3. A loaf of bread walks down some stairs. Then he realizes he has no legs, so he walks back up.
I personally loved the last one, because it’s similar to a favorite joke of mine. “Two muffins are in the oven. One turns and says ‘Is it hot in here or what?’ and the other muffin says ‘Sweet Jesus, a talking muffin!’” As far as the other two are concerned, I think they’re kind of hilarious, but probably not for the same reasons the Germans do. Mostly, I enjoy them because they seem to prove the very stereotype these German children were trying to disprove.
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