A Disconcerting Choir Concert

In an effort to become a good and upstanding Meersburger (and no, I'm not talking about beef), Ellen and I went to a choir concert at the palace building in the center of town. It was a choir singing German songs, so not much to report since I nearly fell asleep. However, two things stood out:
  1. After several of the songs, we clapped, as is custom just about everywhere I’ve ever been. And then something strange happened. Everyone gradually started clapping in unison, like some kind of rally. You can call me prejudiced or whatever, but a roomful of Germans clapping in unison made me think of a Nazi rally for some reason. Nevermind that I’ve never been to a Nazi rally, or that I don’t even know whether Nazis clap. (I wouldn’t think they do, since clapping is a happy, boisterous activity, and I always imagine Nazis to be cold, calculating, joyless people who look like Timothy Dalton from the "Rocketeer.”) Anyway, the point is it was bizarre and unsettling.

  2. The concert kept going and going, and applause came at very random intervals. In fact, one lady tried to start a slow clap early on and several people in the choir and among the ushers hushed her. Towards the end, the director of the choir spoke and said there’d be one more song (at least, I think that's what he said), so after that song everyone gave a big applause and standing ovation. Then the conductor said a few words, which I had thought were thank you’s and goodbye’s, but then they did another song. After that, everyone clapped again, but a little more hesitantly, since they had already blew their load on the first standing ‘O.’ And then, if you can believe it, they started singing again! That was when Ellen and I ducked out of the never-ending choir concert.
From now on, I'll be avoiding such concerts and participating in more monkey business, when possible.
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