Don't Put an "End" to Your Anger

I write for a humor blog with two friends, James Malins and Cherie Michiko, called Misusing Big Words. This post was originally published here:
Click... and she's gone. I hung up the phone with righteous indignation, but sadly, nobody could tell. After all, how can you press a button angrily?

Thus, after a lot of soul searching, I’ve decided I want a flip phone. It’s not the convenience or smaller size I seek. No, it’s the ability to snap it shut with an audible "CLAP."

Part of the appeal of land lines is that back in the day of home telephones, if I was justifiably incensed with the person on the other line, I could slam the phone down with a flourish, cursing the heavens in my rage. And if I was really on edge, I could pick it up and slam it down a few more times.

Now, imagine we're in the world of cellular phones (I shouldn't think this would take too much imagination) and you want to express your fury at your calling partner. How will they ever know they've upset you if you just push the "End" button with malice in your heart and in your button-pushing thumb?

Okay, sure, the person on the other line can't actually hear a difference in hang-up methods, you say. Well, I say it doesn't matter. Can the person in the 18-wheeler that just cut you off on the higway hear you when you insult his mother? No, probably not, but that's not the point. The point is let the anger flow out, let the juice loose, so to speak. Cursing out an ignorant driver and vehemently hanging up a telephone both achieve that purpose.

So here's where we bring it full circle. Since land lines are going the way of Betamax and HD DVD, we will have no choice but to be using cell phones in the coming years. And since many cell phones only have "Send" and "End" buttons, trying to express your rage through pressing extra hard on the "End" button just won't do.

No, the flip phone is different. You can snap that baby shut as hard as you like, and it gives off more satisfying "CLAPs" the harder it shuts. And possibly the best part is that nobody knows it’s happening except you. This is the passive aggressive person’s answer to irritating phone calls, and I love it. And let's be honest: we all know that the person on the other line, even if they can't hear, knows what's happening, and is crying themselves to sleep at night because of it.

Well, I like to think so at least.
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