3 Tips, Tricks and Tirades of the Selfish Hippie

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This week’s installment is a mish-mash of timely tips, tricks and tirades. Read on with the knowledge that none of these are related to each other, other than that they help one “be green.”


As you may be aware, every few months I like to go through the rooms of my living space and organize and get rid of all the junk. A lot of it I usually find I can sell for modest prices, much of it can be reused or repurposed, and a large amount goes right in the trash. The rest is given away, either to Goodwill, the library, or friends/family/acquaintances/mortal enemies. Starting March 17, though, I have one more place to get rid of my junk: send it to the government!

Free pre-paid envelopes make it easy for me to send old electronics, ink cartridges, etc far away from my now-uncluttered home. This gets my old useless crap out of my line of vision and into the hands of people who can actually do something with it. And considering the circumstances of California, Los Angeles, and the entire country these days, we might as well give the government something worthwhile to spend their time on, since they don’t seem to be doing anything important right now anyway.


Since we seem to be in mid-recession right now, and since layoffs and bankruptcies are happening left and right, now is as good a time as any to offer a way to get some free cashmoney. After all, the “green” in “going green” doesn’t just mean “good for the Earth.” In this case, it means “Good for your collection of greenbacks.”

There’s a new way to send money online called Revolution Money Exchange. It’s totally legit—in fact, read about it in USA Today. As a promotion until April 15, the company is giving away $25 just for signing up. I received mine instantly and already transferred it to my checking account. Plus, if you refer people to the site, you receive an additional $10. So if you want some free money, click the button below. That’s $30 free for 10 minutes of your time. Not too shabs, I don’t think. (Believe me, I'm more skeptical than most when it comes to this stuff, but I've already had a chance to waste my $30 on booze and women, so why shouldn't you have that chance?)

And, in true hippie spirit, this lessens the use of paper money and paper checks, saving a couple trees in the process.
Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange


Finally, a short tirade. Probably millions of people from all sorts of countries participated in Earth Hour this past Saturday, where they all turned off all the lights and electricity from 8pm-9pm in an effort to save some power. While I applaud the innovative thinking and I realize it clearly helped cut power, this still seems like putting a band aid on a stab wound. Instead of turning your lights off for an hour, we should be focusing on not using as many lights on a regular basis.

When you leave a room, turn the light off, even if you think someone else will be coming in there in just a minute. If you need a reading light, turn off the main room light when you turn on the reading light. My general rule of thumb is anytime I want to use a light, I make sure to turn off another one somewhere first. Remember it this way: “Turn one off before you turn one on.” And that’s not even counting all the other ways you can cut power.

Sure, a band aid will help a little bit with a stab wound, but you’d be much better off with stitches and some antiseptic. So please, instead of this Earth Hour idiocy, let’s work on continuous improvement. And if you find yourself slacking, just remember the selfish hippie motto: “Save Money While Saving the World.”
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