Mustache March ends. Life begins anew.

I write for a humor blog with two friends, James Malins and Cherie Michiko, called Misusing Big Words. This post was originally published here:
I feel naked. Throughout March, I had grown accustomed to getting food, drinks, and sometimes errant boogers that tissues didn’t catch stuck in my ‘stache. Now, as Mustache March ends, I find myself clean shaven, feeling cold and alone.

Here is a Before-After graphical representation of my feelings.

Sure, the fuzz on my upper lip more often elicited a laugh than a look of what I like to call “sex eyes,” but it was still a part of me and I still feel incomplete. I feel like Jerry Maguire at the end of the movie, talking about a “cynical world” and how I need my mustache because it completes me.

Luckily for me, my mustache withdrawal will only last a couple of months… until Fu Man-June.

Tell me your tales of mustache sadness.
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