Midway through Mustache March

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We’re now past the halfway mark of Mustache March, and since mine looks so foolish, I’ll refrain from posting another picture. Instead, this week will showcase mustaches in pop culture.

The first reference may surprise some of you. After all, most of you probably didn’t realize that the lyrics to song by Kelis actually go like this: “My mustache brings all the boys to the yard. And they’re like ‘It’s better than yours.’” It’s the beautiful tale of pubescent boys coming of age and growing some incipient fuzz under their noses. And don’t pay any attention to the title, “Milkshake.” Artists these days will name their songs any crazy thing just to get them on the radio.

Speaking of milkshakes, the “I drink your milkshake!” guy himself, Daniel-Day Lewis, won an Oscar for his mustache-wearing abilities in “There Will Be Blood.” His acting was great too, don’t get me wrong, but so was the acting of every other nominee for Best Actor. No, the thing that really let him stand apart from the pack was that sweet ‘stache he was sporting. Well done, Mr. Lewis.

Finally, one of the Original Kings of Mustache, Mr. Potato Head has had a resurgence in recent years. You can now make him into all sorts of characters from Darth Tater to Spider Spud to Opti-Mash Prime and this year, he’ll become Indiana Jones from “Taters of the Lost Ark.” However, none of those will ever measure up to the original fantastic ‘stache of Mr. Pederast Head… er, I mean, Mr. Potato Head.

Keep on growing, friends. And send in any updates on the growth process. Pictures are even better… we’ll post any good ones we get.
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