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If you're planning to imbibe this weekend, here's a few surefire ways to make sure it's a night you will never remember.

1 Drink every time someone buzzes in
2 Drinks every time someone gets a wrong answer
4 Drinks every Daily Double
5 Drinks for Audio/Video Daily Doubles

Let’s Make a Deal
3 Drinks every time someone makes a deal

Wheel of Fortune
1 Drink every letter that is turned
2 Drinks every spin of the wheel
4 Drinks each time someone buys a vowel

The Dating Game
3 Drinks every time an innocuous comment is turned into a dirty euphemism

The Newlywed Game
3 Drinks every time someone says “Make whoopee”
1 Drink every time wives insult their husbands
4 Drinks every time husbands insult their wives
1 Drink every time couples kiss

Press Your Luck (aka the "Whammy!" show)
1 Drink every time someone gets a Whammy. Last person to shout “Whammy!” has to drink again.
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